About BitBroker

BitBroker is a team of trusted brokers with exceptional technical Bitcoin knowledge. We specialise in selling Bitcoin via bank transfers and lead the industry in terms of reliability, affordability, safety and convenience.

Why Choose Us?

Here at BitBroker we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a completely seamless trading experience, from beginning to end. We are early adopters and extremely passionate about Bitcoin and the benefits it can bring the world. It’s easy to say, but we understand great customer service is at the heart of all good businesses and we are no different here.


We lead as being the most trusted team on Localbitcoins - the statistics do not lie. Customer safety and satisfaction are among our top priorities. Check our feedback and discover why more traders choose us.

UK Based

EU Based

All our brokers are EU based - you will never have difficulty dealing with us. We will show you the names of brokers who are online at the time of your visit, so you can easily proceed with the transaction. Start buying Bitcoin and see for yourself. Create your free account today.

Near Instant Bitcoin Release

As soon as the money hits our bank you can be certain we will release the Bitcoin into your wallet at lightning speed. It only takes less than a minute to receive your Bitcoin. But enough of me yabbering, here is a small snippet of what our valued customers had to say:

“The is the quickest transaction you are going to get with these guys when it’s less than a minute and the money is in your wallet!! Awesome!”

“Another great trader from BitBroker, best traders on here”

“Never disappointed with any dealings with the BitBroker team…highly recommended.”

And if that still isn’t enough to convince you why not drop us a line at otc@ferriswheel.finance with any questions you may have. We are happy to provide more details about us.